The Rudest Game In The World - Weebs Edition

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Made by weebs, for weebs, this standalone expansion for The Rudest Game In The World celebrates everything we love and hate about anime. 


  • Ages: 17+
  • Players: 3-20
  • Playing time: 30-90mins
  • Genre: Adult Party
  • Difficulty: Easy


  • 100 grey fill-in-the-blank question cards
  • 500 pink answer cards
  • Instructions

How To Play

  1. Shuffle the cards and make separate piles for the question and answer cards.
  2. Each player starts with 7 answer cards and should draw back up to 7 after each round.
  3. The player who last masturbated is the Dictator and goes first. They draw a question card and read it out.
  4. Everyone else picks their funniest answer card and passes it to the Dictator face down.
  5. The Dictator shuffles and then reads these answer cards outloud one by one.
  6. The Dictator picks which answer they liked the most for whatever reason they choose and whoever played that card gets a point! Track points by giving them the Question Card.
  7. Player on the Dictators left becomes the next Dictator. 
  8. First to 10 points wins!

Extra Fun Optional Rules

  1. If you don’t know what something on a card means, you have to google image search it. Make sure safe search is off!
  2. Random Madness: add 1 or 2 random answer cards from the draw pile each round. If the Dictator picks the random card everyone must hang their heads in shame.
  3. HOT POTATO: Yell out HOT POTATO between rounds and all players must give their hand to the person on their left. Can only be done once per game per player.
  4. Stalin: The round winner becomes the next Dictator and can swap out any 1 answer from their hand with a random one
  5. Strip Rules: The Dictator also picks the worst card each round. That player must remove 1 article of clothing. 
  6. If at any time your hand if full of answer cards that aren't funny you may swap them out for new ones. Oh wait this isn’t Cards Against Humanity, you won’t need that rule here.

Disclaimer: This game contains coarse language and mature themes and due to its content it should not be viewed, played or purchased by anyone.